Welcome to Shmoney

Shmoney matches people who want things done for them with people who can help them. Our goal is to create a system of skills exchange in local and virtual communities that relies less on money and more on communication for people to work together in non-competitive ways.

By using this website, you can save money, meet people and discover what everyone in your neighbourhood can do for you, and what you can learn from and do for others.

How does Shmoney work?

1) I post a job that I want done
2) you do the job for me
3) I give you a sum of Shmoney that is equal to the TIME spent doing the job (i.e. 3 hours work = 3 time credits)
4) you spend that Shmoney on someone doing a job for you.

It's pretty simple, it's based on need and people working together. If you have a skill that you can share then create a profile and put it here for everyone to find.