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Paper Stages 0.0 Mi

This is the Shmoney Group for Paper Stages at the Edinburgh Fringe.

To receive a copy of the book Paper Stages, you have to sign up and complete one of the tasks set out here.

Wise Owls 0.0 Mi

Wise Owls is the UK leading Over 50s employment and support specialists. We are a not-for-profit body who have have been operational since 1999. It was the first organisation to really champion the needs of the over 50’s in relation to online employment and job searching.

Today, Wise Owls offer front line support and finds people meaningful work, lobbys throughout Europe and campaigns against the scourge of ageism. Promoting Age Diversity.

Grand Union Housing Co-operative 0.0 Mi

Housing Co-operative in Bethnal Green, London

The Finance Innovation Lab 0.0 Mi

We believe that no single institution, no one sector of society, no exclusive group of people can address the challenges we face today and we are committed to collaboration.

1. Connect
Build trust and meaningful relationships:
We bring people together who don’t normally meet and offer a place to bring ideas about how to change the financial system so that it sustains people and planet.

2. Incubate
Test and experiment potential solutions:
We turn ideas for change into tangible prototypes of different aspects of a new financial system

The People Who Share 0.0 Mi

The People Who Share is both a movement and a socially minded business (a social enterprise). We are dedicated to building a world where people share skills, time, resources, knowledge, responsibility, opportunities, ideas, goods, services and stuff. We bring together a global community of sharers and make sharing fun and easy.

London Boats 0.0 Mi

This is a group for the London Boating community. If you live on a boat in London, please sign up.

Please note: you need to enter a postcode near you to become a member - but if you don't have one, enter any code

Transition Hackney 0.0 Mi

This is the pilot Shmoney group for Transition Hackney.

Elderfield Studios 0.0 Mi

Elderfield Studios provide long or short term secured, fixed rent, managed studios and desk space for a diverse selection of professionals including graphic designers, architects, product designers, illustrators and artists, within creative communities.