The Finance Innovation Lab

June 2, 2012 - jamie

We believe that no single institution, no one sector of society, no exclusive group of people can address the challenges we face today and we are committed to collaboration.

1. Connect
Build trust and meaningful relationships:
We bring people together who don’t normally meet and offer a place to bring ideas about how to change the financial system so that it sustains people and planet.

2. Incubate
Test and experiment potential solutions:
We turn ideas for change into tangible prototypes of different aspects of a new financial system

3. Transform
Tap into personal purpose -what do we care enough about to change?
We create safe space for people to reflect on their deepest values and to work in alignment with these.

The Finance Innovation Lab is a place where people who have good ideas about how to create a better financial system, can take them and do something with them. It is run jointly by ICAEW and WWF-UK,who founded it in 2008.

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